The free installation of SPAZ self-service vending machines brings numerous benefits to your organization. It implies a trial period of three months, after which an optimal solution is defined in the spirit of long-term cooperation. You are free from the obligations and risks of contractual items or investments of purchasing a vending machine.

What does the free installation of self-service vending machines include?

  • Delivery of self-service vending machines
  • Installation of vending machines and placing in service
  • Regular inspection, maintenance and filling
  • Sale of products tailored to your location
  • Payment of overhead costs during the trial period (electricity, water)

Free installation is available for all self-service vending machines at the same time: hot beverages vending machines, cold beverages and snack vending machines, table top vending machines and water distribution dispensers. Contact us with confidence!


Modern, functional, advanced and customizable vending corners are the ideal solution in visually technical terms. By individually approaching each business premise, we propose the optimal solution of a vending corner that is in line with the spirit of the company and its employees. We want our visual identity to complement the shopping experience on self-service vending machines, with a unique user experience.


  • quality improvement with espresso coffee for end-user (Lavazza or Amigos) and the best and most famous instant coffee in the world Nescafe and Jacobs
  • Coffee2GO paper or plastic cups
  • offer of an assortment of cold beverages and snacks in all your locations
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, HACCP certificates, safe work practices, a hygiene minimum, sanitary booklets
  • cashless payment option: by bank card or telemetry - beverage payment via mobile app
  • experience of more than 27 years
  • branch network in Croatia
  • the largest company in the field of self-service vending machines in Croatia
  • we are able to accompany you with vending machines through a vending corner specializing in public spaces
  • introduction of a single operator for all types of vending machines simplifies operations and guarantees the same quality of service throughout Croatia