We provide superior quality and service of installing and maintaining vending machines for hot, cold beverages and vending machines for snacks.

The beginnings of Vending in Croatia are related to "SPAZ". Our company set up the first hot beverages vending machines in Zagreb and Croatia in 1992 in the "Rebro" clinic, and thus, with the quality of services and fairness in business relations, achieved and developed a leadership role in Croatia through the business of self-service vending machines.

We believe that with our twenty-seven years of experience, 106 employees (86 service technicians and operators in service locations in Zagreb and offices in Croatia: Rijeka, Zadar, Split and Osijek, who are ready to eliminate malfunction or downtime within 24 hours at any time, regardless of the distance, and with a professional Planning and Analysis Service, that prepares studies on types of vending machines for individual locations, based on European standards, we guarantee the quality of our services in compliance with HACCP and ISO standards, which we introduced first in Croatia.

"SPAZ" offers integral and optimal vending solutions throughout Croatia. Certificate of quality provided by the "SPAZ" company is more than 2400 locations in Croatia where more than 3000 of our vending machines are installed, e.g. "KBC ZAGREB", "KBC Osijek", "Sestre Milosrdnice" hospital, Zagrebački holding d.o.o., Medical, Economic and Legal Faculty, University of Zadar and Rijeka, and regarding large systems in the whole of Croatia, we service VIPnet, INA d.d., Končar, HEP d.d, Orbico, Mepas, LTH, Pan-Pek, “dr. Franjo Tuđman“ Zagreb Airport, General Electric Croatia, Podravka, Belupo, NEXE, Starco, Hrvatska pošta d.d. ...

The factory "Kraš" produces, based on our license, chocolate for our vending machines, and we are a direct importer and distributor for our other raw materials for hot beverages.

"SPAZ" directly cooperates with the most prominent Croatian producers of beverages and snack products (Jamnica, Kraš, Maraska, Zvečevo, Atlantic Group ...) as well as foreign companies (Coca cola, Ferrero, Mondelez...)

"SPAZ" hereby undertakes to be responsible for health safety and quality of the beverages in accordance with the regulations in this field. It also undertakes, to::

  • conduct daily inspections of locations and control of vending machines
  • conduct regular filling of the vending machines with the necessary raw materials
  • conduct vending machines servicing and flawless maintenance of the hygienic conditions of the vending machines
  • repair faults and setbacks within 24 hours of being notified
  • install vending machines and put said vending machines into operation in the period of one day to one week after signing the contract
  • "SPAZ"s technical equipment guarantees a high level of service
  • highly skilled repairers are constantly being trained by the vending machines manufacturers, through seminars and professional literature
  • vending machines fillers are well-trained, equipped with appropriate clothing and obligated to maintain a high level of personal hygiene and behavioral culture. They all have proper health and sanitary documents, as well as documents on safe work practices

Company disposes:

  • with special devices for testing, servicing and repairing vending machines
  • with 86 special-purpose vehicles equipped with devices for maintaining conditions and temperatures (of coolers) as recommended by the manufacturer
  • with adequate office, service and storage facilities (approx. 2,700 m2) of high quality conditions with the possibility of storing food products (central warehouse and warehouses in business centers)
  • with a service and distribution positions, through business centers, for the whole of Croatia (Zagreb, Rijeka, Pula, Zadar, Split, Osijek)
  • with different types of payment systems (in all combinations) that can fully meet customer needs (coin return systems, coin selector payment systems (with coin payment), paper money payment systems with cash difference repayment systems, credit key and card systems).

Vending machines we offer are an integral part of interiors in hospitals, colleges, schools, barracks, police stations, offices, factory halls, sports halls, shopping centers and other public spaces throughout Croatia. The surveys we conducted gave us high grades for the quality of beverages, which is an important reason when opting for our company.